The Old Courthouse

This is one of the oldest and most important buildings in Flint hearing both Grand Session and Quarter Session Trials. The surviving records are fascinating.

Imagine poor Dorothy Griffiths of Llanasa tried here for witchcraft in 1665 facing the same Senior Judge who had presided at the trial of Charles 1st. Only months earlier he’d sentenced 3 Cheshire women to death for entertaining evil spirits! Spookily against the odds Dorothy was found innocent.

In 1731 John Wynne was accused of “forcibly ejecting Edward Cheney from a coal mine” and Adam Edge was accused of kidnapping Susanna Dandy in order to marry her to John Fisher of Holt!

Civil cases were tried here too. In 1730 Yeoman John Wynne was fined for leaving a watercourse “unscoured”.

When the courts moved out, Flint’s Courthouse became a malthouse! Barley would have been spread out across the top floor to germinate, then dried in a kiln hence the name “Malt Kiln Lane”. There was also a separate bakery at the back – people brought their own dough to cook in the ovens.

Since 1889 it’s been a series of shops including a drapers, a butchers, and Peers and Edwards “public supply stores” – the wording is still on the side of the building. For forty years it was owned by Tommy Blithell selling TVs Radios and fancy goods.

The Old Court House has served the people of Flint for hundreds of years not only for its original judicial use but just as importantly as a much-loved shop in pride of place on Church Street.